Why You Should Consider Radon Testing of Your La Vergne Home

What Is The Main Component in Radon Testing

Radon is a gas created by the breakdown and decay of uranium in soils. In specific concentrations, the penetration of this gas into a residence can harm its occupants. It is important to understand if your home might be affected in this way, especially if you are in the buying process. Have It Inspected Property Solutions can help with radon testing in La Vergne homes.

Inspection Services and Radon

The internet might persuade you to attempt radon testing in your La Vergne home on your own, but this is only sometimes the most reliable information. Because it is imperative to use inspection services in the buying process, it is also natural to include professional radon testing in this evaluation. Our team members can use special instruments like charcoal liquid scintillation devices or electret ion detectors to track harmful levels of radon gas.  

Threats of Radon Exposure

Radon is not a presence in your home to take lightly. Many studies have linked direct exposure to radon with cancers and lung deterioration, like the damage a smoker might do to their organs. The issue with radon is that you might not instantly know the problem exists until physical symptoms cause you distress, including shortness of breath and trouble swallowing. Those proactive to have professional testing done before moving into a property help protect themselves against this threatening condition that is more common in Rutherford County than you might believe.

How Do You Improve Conditions in Your House?

If the testing by our certified and experienced professionals shows that radon is a pressing issue for your property, you must know how to minimize this emission. The most straightforward and continually beneficial approach is installing a radon reduction system. This setup can remove high radon levels from the structure’s exterior using vents and circulation.

Who to Choose for Radon Testing?

You might have several options for who can complete the professional testing you might desire for your home, but our team, Have It Inspected Property Solutions, is a trusted choice to help in many ways. Not only have we become a leading crew for thorough house inspections with a buy-back guarantee, but that same level of commitment, knowledge, and customer-focused drive is apparent in several ways:

  • Experienced – We are training-focused and devoted to keeping our field team as knowledgeable and prepared as possible. We have in-house training and coursework to develop their skill sets before helping you inspect your new home, evaluate infestation conditions, or detect radon gas.
  • Veteran Owned – The Marines are about discipline, service, and doing steps right the first time. When a former United States service member begins a home inspection company, you can expect these tenets to translate into day-to-day operations.
  • InterNACHI Certified – Our connection with this standard-setting firm for home inspections and services acknowledges our commitment to quality. We embody their buy-back guarantee to give customers more confidence in our detailed results.

Have It Inspected Property Solutions can help when you need radon testing in La Vergne properties. Let us help you get some peace of mind about what could be a serious concern for your residence. Call today at (615) 527-8113.

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