Why People Are Choosing Professional Home Inspection in La Vergne

Types of Home Inspection for La Vergne Homes 

As one of the leading inspection firms in the state, Have It Inspected Property Solutions offers various helpful services that can give you clarity and peace of mind about your home. You may have several reasons to consider a home inspection for your La Vergne property, and we can help.

Protecting Their Investments 

When people think of professional home inspection in La Vergne, they often first consider its most common form: pre and post-purchase home evaluations. Buying a home is a substantial investment of time and finances, so you want to make sure this decision is sound with a complete look at what you might be buying. 

Protecting Their Families 

We provide several types of home inspection services developed to give you peace of mind in your house. Potential dangers and hazards might come with owning a home, and understanding conditions early can help curb severe conditions. We help with the following:

  • Termite Inspections – Termites are a nightmare for homes, as they feed on the very structural supports and framework for the residence. Our thorough inspection tracks signs of infestations to help you protect your home and seek out professional services when needed. 
  • Radon Testing – Radon testing is something people should always do with purchasing a new home. Beyond conventional exposure thresholds, this is a toxic gas you cannot smell or see. We have sophisticated testing tools to track the presence of radon in residences. 
  • Thermal Inspections – Using thermography and infrared imagery, our inspection team can identify potential threats to your home from trapped water and moisture, plumbing leaks, mold growth, or the loss of hot and cold air due to poor insulation.

Getting What Was Promised 

Another important element of our work in the area is a warranty inspection. Often new construction comes with a 12-month guarantee on the work performed, so any shifts in the foundation or structural concerns as the house settles will be repaired and reinforced at no charge to the homebuyer should they occur within this time frame. 11-month warranty inspections are a thorough examination of the house’s condition to look for current damage and precursors of developing concerns that the contractor should address to save you considerable money in the immediate future. 

Professional Home Inspection Services in La Vergne

You might need professional home inspection services for your La Vergne residence for many reasons. Our commitment is timely action on your schedule because many of these issues you have cannot wait. We take pride in our guarantees to our customers through our InterNACHI affiliation and our promotion of the HomeGuard warranty services. We strive to be the name you want to share, which is a commitment from our field inspection team to our Marine veteran owner. We prioritize service and customer satisfaction, which is apparent in every job we do.

Have It Inspected Property Solutions Can Help 
Have It Inspected Property Solutions works around your schedule to offer your home inspection in La Vergne that meets your needs. Call us to make your appointment with our experienced professionals at (615) 527-8113.

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