What To Expect From Your Residential Home Inspector in La Vergne

A Professional Residential Home Inspector in La Vergne

Have It Inspected Property Solutions, a residential home inspector professional our company provides help for new home buyers and property owners to approach sales with confidence. La Vergne homes could hide several types of costly damage or early signs of potential threats. Appropriate  residential home inspection services give you a better understanding of the property. Professional assessments from Have It Inspected Property Solutions are beneficial for the qualities our residential home inspector possess.

Industry Knowledge and Experience 

The need for a residential home inspector for La Vergne homes is something you entrust to only some. You require a professional residential home inspector with extensive knowledge and years of experience. Combined with our unwavering customer service focus, we are a preferred choice. We can help identify issues with the following:

  • Foundation – this base of your residence can shift, crack, and rest unevenly. We carefully evaluate where repairs or future concerns might exist.  
  • Roof – the roof is a critical line of defense against the elements. Leaks and damage to this system can lead to water damage, mold damage, and heat/cooling loss. 
  • House Systems – the electrical and plumbing systems vary considerably in their construction over the years in terms of required installation codes and materials. We assess where this might be an issue for a potential buyer. 
  • Mold – mold is an alarming discovery for any reason, as this often points to moisture and water damage that must be repaired, dried, and cleaned. 
  • Radon – invisible threats to your home can be the most hazardous. Concerns like radon gas in a home could lead to severe health concerns, so we conduct direct testing to track radon levels. 

Thorough Assessments and Detailed Accounts 

HIIPS has been most known for the fast turnaround of detailed assessments, often putting documentation in your hands the following business day. This information puts buyers in the driver’s seat of negotiations or solidifies the seller’s position to remain firm in their asking prices.

Punctuality and Flexibility 

While closing on a home can sometimes extend for several weeks, or even months, there are just as many times when there is an urgency to meet set deadlines and schedules. This rush often causes new homebuyers to forgo professional residential home inspection altogether, which puts the buyer at a disadvantage. We don’t make you choose between what you need and what you have time to do because we schedule our services when convenient for you.

Guaranteed Results for Your House 

One of the advantages of considering our services is our InterNACHI affiliation and commitment to our quality results. We guarantee the work we do with a buy-back promise. If we missed anything during the inspection, we agree to buy back the property for your purchase cost within the first 90 days. That is how sure we are of the detailed assessments we provide. We also introduce our customers to HomeGuard warranty services that help to protect their investment long after the closing arrangement.

A Trusted Home Inspector in La Vergne

Have It Inspected Property Solutions is a trusted name to help with thorough inspections and assessments to evaluate your new purchase and its future. We understand these results and how they solidify closing agreements, so we work with you to meet pressing schedules without compromising our commitment to focused details. Give us a call at (615) 527-8113.

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