The Purpose of Thermal Imaging Inspections in Smyrna Homes

Are Thermal Imaging Inspections Important?

It is not often easy to see the damage that a home might experience or continually suffer on the surface. Sometimes water damage and other threats are hidden in wall systems and structural cavities that are not readily accessible to house occupants. Have It Inspected Property Solutions understands the importance of a complete picture of a property’s health, making thermal imaging inspections for Smyrna homes an important addition. 

What is Thermography?

Thermal imaging inspections for Smyrna homes utilize a process known as thermography. This describes using infrared imagery captured in snapshots or streaming videos showcasing temperature variances in specific portions of the house. The knowledge obtained through this thermal imaging inspection can help point new home buyers toward possible issues before they finalize the sale of the house and assume responsibility for these concerns. Some of the areas where thermography can help include:

  • Insulation Concerns
  • Electrical Faults
  • Water and Mold Damage

Identifying Inadequate Insulation

Loss of conditioned air’s warmth or coolness can be costly for homeowners. It is easy to track heat escape through the roof during the winter with thermography or the insulating properties of installed elements like windows and doorways. Have It Inspected Property Solutions provides high-quality thermal imaging inspections identifying inadequate insulation.

Finding Electrical Faults 

Electrical faults can appear using thermography as well. In this case, the imaging shows the warmth generated from a poorly wired connection, an under-insulated portion of wiring, or an overloaded or inadequately installed outlet. Unlike water damage, in which its cool temperatures appear in hues of blue on the images, electrical faults are bright reds and oranges, indicating heat that stands out from the general shade of the structural components.

Roof Damage and Water Exposure

The use of thermal imaging inspections can show where moisture pockets exist in areas like the attic. With roof vulnerabilities, you might only sometimes readily see the damage to the structural components unless you watch during a storm. Moist building materials and attic areas indicate water penetration and warrant a closer inspection and evaluation of the roof’s condition and well-being.

Full Home Thermal Imaging Inspections Services 

Thermography and specialty inspection tools are only part of the full service we provide homeowners and those considering the purchase of a property. The full thermal imaging inspection process helps to show a complete picture of the structural integrity of the household from every angle, which will include the following:

  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • HVAC system
  • Gutters
  • Flooring systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical network
  • Water damage
  • Insulation

Have It Inspected Property Solutions will help you see beyond the surface of what might ail your property. Call us for our intricate thermal imaging inspection assessment services at (615) 527-8113.

Guaranteed To Be What You Need
Our firm of property thermal imaging inspection specialists takes pride in our InterNACHI certification and affiliation. We are a recognized firm that stands with the buy-back promise to put our customers’ minds at ease. Buying a home is a stressful experience, and you want to ensure nothing gets overlooked. We back our inspection services with a promise to purchase the house from you at the price you paid for it if anything was missed on our thorough inspections, including elements of thermography that can be an additional line of defense for our clients.

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