With the new season of lawn maintenance beginning, there are certain spring lawnmower maintenance projects that we should all undertake.

Here’s a spring lawnmower maintenance checklist to get you started:

  • Be sure to check all the removable pieces. Even if you haven’t use the lawn more all winter things can get dislodged and dirty.
  • The first thing to check is your spark plug. The spark plug is one of the main components of your lawn more. It is the component that makes it start-up easily. Replaced it at the beginning of each mowing season.
  • Replace the air filter. A dirty air filter will put stress on your lawn more and waste gas. Replacing the filter is cheap and easy.
  • Change the oil. This is essential for the proper function of your lawnmower
  • Make sure the blade on your lawnmower or nice and sharp. The lawnmower blades rip and tear the grass instead of cussing it causing damage to your more into the lawn.
  • Clean your lawn more. Yes, it’s important to keep the lawnmower clean on the top side, but it’s also important to clean out the undercarriage. Grass especially if wet can get caked to the underside of your lawnmower and clog up your discharge chute.
  • Keep all the loose parts loose and lubricated.

Following this list of maintenance suggestions in the spring will ensure proper care of your lawnmower.

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