Are you doing everything you can to protect your property from burglary? Unfortunately, even the nicest of neighborhoods have had families become victims of this type of crime. While there are practical steps that a homeowner can take to try to prevent burglary, like having a security system, solid doors and locks, exterior lighting, and cameras, there are some more subtle things that we might suggest as well.

For one, you might consider thinking about what you post on social networks. Vacation photos can tell your followers that you’re not in town and that your home is ripe for the picking. Even posting your daily routine can be a bad idea, since it gives away the time of day that you’re away from your home.

Another thing to consider is making sure your home looks lived in. If you’re out of town, have someone housesit. Consider automating your lighting or other devices to make it appear as if you’re home when you’re not.

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