A concern that is raised often with homeowners is going to replace windows. If you’re wondering whether to replace or repair windows, you’ll need to consider where the problem lies and how severe it is. The repair cost of window glass could be the price of a new set of windows so it needs to be considered. 

There are several reasons why you would want to replace windows here are a few:

  1. Rotting wood. If you catch the rotting wood early the spots could be patched and repainted. But in some cases, the cost of repairing wood is comparable to the cost of a new window set.
  2. Broken pains. When only the glass has damage you don’t necessarily need to replace the entire window. 
  3. Broken seals. Broken seals are among the most irreversible problems with windows as a whole. When the seal is broken the pane is difficult to salvage.
  4. When windows don’t budge. A window might refuse to open because the frames have been stuck with paint. If the windows were painted before 1978 they could be covered in paint with lead. It’s best to get new windows.
  5. Drafty windows are usually due to one of the following factors. Cracked or peeled caulking, weatherstripping, other loosened parts, these problems would require replacing the windows.

Consider these suggestions when asking yourself if you need new windows.

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