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You Vs. Home Inspection Companies for Murfreesboro Properties

Inspecting a home before a sale can be wise, regardless of which side of the transaction you represent. Too often, new homeowners choose a walkthrough inspection with the real estate agent, which tends to steer the buyer away from glaring issues that might drive the market price down or deter the sale entirely. The best way to safeguard against these possible concerns is through home inspection companies in Murfreesboro, like Have It Inspected Property Solutions.

Finding Current Concerns

The primary objective of home inspection companies in Murfreesboro is to identify current issues with the property before you sell or, conversely, before you buy. This process must focus on several areas of a residence, including intruding water in the basement, roof vulnerabilities, foundation issues, HVAC problems, radon threats, and telling signs of rodent or insect infestations.

Finding Future Issues

While we can offer warranties for your home and its appliances through Guard Home if something goes wrong with complex systems prone to deteriorate in houses, our home inspections can also help to track potentially threatening concerns in the earliest stages. Course correcting structural issues or conducting small repairs can save a greater expense later as a buyer.

  • Weakened Structure – Over time, structural supports can degrade and deteriorate, including piers supporting the property or the foundation. While this might not instantly spell structural compromise, it bears attention.
  • Aging Utilities – Older utility installations can be concerning for a home’s future, especially older electrical wiring or dated plumbing materials. Our inspection will note current conditions and if attention could be necessary.
  • Insufficient Insulation – Inspecting the attic and accessible structural cavities can show where insulation has been installed and the material’s condition in some spaces; roll-out insulation or blown materials distribution wavers, which allows less consistent energy efficiency.
  • Roof Deterioration – Homes in the area get exposed to several types of severe weather, from heavy snows and harsh winds to hail and torrential rain. Roofs are not always the best at weathering these storms over time, and signs can show potential weaknesses before this shows as leaks and water penetration.

Saving the Buyer Money

As the purchaser of a home, you can often save money or become better assured of your purchase intentions with a scheduled home inspection. Self-inspections lack the thoroughness of professional evaluations, meaning that issues and problems can be missed. This is especially true for signs of developing trouble new homeowners might not know to look for when they walk through the property.

Our Team Among Home Inspection Companies in Murfreesboro

There are hardly any shortages of home inspection companies operating in the area, but there are reasons that let our firm stand out from the competition. One of the main advantages of our professional inspection services is our InterNACHI certification. We are part of the guarantee to buy your home back and pay you what you bought it if we have missed anything you find within 90 days after closing. In addition, we are customer oriented and flexible, working around the often-stringent schedules of selling a home to provide peace of mind.
Have It Inspected Property Solutions Is ready to help however your home needs. Our inspection specialists can schedule your appointment to meet even pressing selling timelines. Call us today at (615) 527-8113.

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