Property Inspector in Murfreesboro

Qualified Residential Property Inspector in Murfreesboro

In recent years the pace of selling homes has changed. People want properties to exchange hands faster than ever before, so those willing to cut corners at significant personal risk to the investment they make get ushered to the front of the line. You might not know what you are actually purchasing without choosing a qualified residential property inspector for a Murfreesboro home.

Protecting Your Investment

It would be wise if you did not go into a home sale blind or uneducated, so many choose to seek out the experience of a residential property inspector for Murfreesboro homes like us. We are a leading InterNACHI-certified inspection firm in the area that can help you to get a full picture of the condition of a property before you sign on the dotted line.

Discover a Range of Potential Concerns

Knowing what a residential property inspector in Murfreesboro homes is looking for is essential to choosing these services. Always do your due diligence. The property assessment takes hours, evaluating several areas of the structure and connected grounds to ensure that everything meets building codes, taking note of possible future issues, and any glaring concerns that present out-of-pocket expenses for a buyer or new homeowner. Have It Inspected Property Solutions covers all your bases, including:

  • Foundation and structural integrity
  • Subterranean termite inspection
  • Condition of the roof and gutters
  • Exterior deterioration concerns
  • The shape of structural openings
  • Radon testing and evaluation
  • The state of the grounds for damages
  • The electrical system
  • The plumbing network
  • Room-by-room evaluation for concerns

Make a More Enticing Sale

Sellers of homes can benefit from considering our services as well. Many potential buyers see the current owner affording a home inspection before the sale as a big vote of confidence for the financial investment. You also can see potential issues that could be a deal breaker for buyers and resolve these problems.

Right Choice For Residential Property Inspector in Murfreesboro

We exemplify quality service and operating with integrity, as we are led proudly by a 20+ year disabled United States Marine veteran. We are InterNACHI certified as experienced inspectors, as this is the firm setting the standard for home inspections in the country. 

Another helpful service we provide for even more peace of mind is our warranty. The Guard Home Warranty is primarily a safety net for expensive repairs or replacement costs associated with damage to appliances or mechanical systems in your home. We have negotiated a 30-day free trial for our customers to see what this service is all about for themselves.

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