It only takes about 8 to 10 minutes in broad daylight to burglarize a home. When thieves break in there looking for small easy to find valuables. Thieves know where to find the goods. The master bedroom is often the first stop. If you’re wondering how you can beat the burglars at their game, store your valuables in uncommon places. 

Here is a list of uncommon hiding places in your home for cash and valuables.

  • Behind the drawer not in the drawer. You can tape things to the back of a drawer because they don’t go all the way to the back of the cabinet. If they open the door they won’t be able to see anything taped to the backside of the drawer. This is a great spot for an envelope of cash, passports, and jewelry.
  • The Attic. Your attic is not likely to be visited by a burglar because it’s usually hard to find and access. So the attic is always a good idea to store valuables.
  • The hollowed-out book trick. A book shop is a great hiding spot for valuables. Build a book size box out of plywood, take the spine and cover off an old book and glue it to the plywood. Next, slip it in with the rest of the books, and your valuables are hidden in plain sight.
  • Spare paint can. Many homeowners have dozens of spare paint cans in the closet garage or shed. Empty and clean out one of the cans and fill it with your valuables.
  • Plant pots. Take your cash or jewelry and store them in a small water-tight container then bury them in your potted plant.

 These are just a few tips among many that are uncommon hiding places for your valuables.

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